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About Me

Hi there!

My name is Sabah Bardhan and here’s a little something about me, and how JustRestore happened one fine day.

I live in beautiful, sunny Dubai, United Arab Emirates and it’s been my home since 2004. I’m originally from Mumbai, India. I’ve painted ever since I was a 6 year old girl and the first thing I painted was a sunflower…


Step 1

After an in-depth discussion with my clients about their likes and dislikes and their decor preferences, I usually suggest a colour scheme and ideas for the particular piece, unless my client already has a particular look in mind for the furniture. Each piece of furniture is unique and it is extremely important for me to stay true to the structure of the piece.

Step 2

The quote usually depends on the condition of the furniture, the size and structure as well as the final look or theme that is going to be achieved.

Once the quote and time frame is approved, the exciting bit starts! The prep work which includes thorough cleaning before I can get started with painting and artwork or effects, if any.

Step 3

I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and various other products within the range for all my projects because I trust its quality.

Sealing the piece is extremely important for durability and the final finish, and this is a process I take my time with to allow for drying time.

Once done, it’s time for the pieces to head back home with a brand new lease on life…JustRestored.

Happy Clients

FashionYour Home

Thank you Sabah for instantly understanding what I need for doing these magical transformations. Always amazing to work with you

Nadia Logab

Thank you Sabah. I had an image in my mind and you made it reality. Your're a talented artist and i enjoyed working with you

Arti Muthia

Thank you once again for creating magic and making this so beautiful and stunning


What a journey this antique piece has gone through...here now standing tall with your artistry. Loved our brain storming sessions. It's definitely a head turner. It is such a compact and versatile piece. That's what I call a win win

Kate Phelan

Thank you Sabah. I just love it. Everyone, if you have any furniture to paint, do it! Sabah is so talented and the best! I was going to throw this cabinet and mirror out and then I thought no I can't waste it. They are so cool, they just need to be refreshed. My oh my, they are reborn into a new luxurious life

Dina Hijazi

Your art is incredible! You never cease to amaze me Sabah. Hats off to you, and my next piece of furniture will be making its way to you soon

Kinjal Gathani

Thanks Sabah. You truly transformed my dining space with this flawless and classy buffet restoration. More power to you and look forward to seeing more masterpieces from you!


We absolutely love our cabinet!! You are so talented. Such a dramatic transformation. You described it perfectly- it's majestic. Thank you so much Sabah


A dream come true, thank you Sabah!